HPC5 @ ISC12

date: 25.06.2012

category: Actual

After four exciting days filled with educational tutorials, insightful invited sessions and intricate exhibitions, the 27th edition of the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC'12) closed its doors. This year’s event, which took place in Hamburg between June 17 and 21, witnessed the first every Slovenian exhibition thanks to Arctur and their partners from HPC5.

7399295784 4efce25c39 o-Sandro-Marko-Jure-tutorialsAt this year’s conference, the new Top 500 list was released with over 160 new entries, including the new Sequoia IBM BlueGene/Q system took the top spot on the list with an impressive 16.32 petaflops on the Linpack benchmark using almost 1.6 million cores.

The importance of Exascale systems (first is expected in 2019) was addressed at ISC’12 with various sessions and discussions regarding how these will be achieved. While there is some consensus as to how they will be built (Multi-processors, GP-GPUs, energy efficient processors), significant effort will be required to discover how to program effectively, reduce power usage and learn what will be attainable with such systems.7406532618 e959b1350c o-HPC-5

Development of hardware and software has traditionally been performed independently, but recently people have begun to recognize the need for “co-design” of systems. In order to increase the efficiency of future supercomputers and their software, hardware and software providers will need to intensify collaborations between each other and increase the level of involvement of end users in order to develop solutions that address their needs.

7406532826 f3f843c3f6 o-Goran-prsutAttendance to the conference was also made possible thanks to the co-funding by the project iCON funded by the EU Cross-border Cooperation Programme Italy-Slovenia.