Arctur delivers HPC services and solutions to technical and scientific users in various technologically intensive industries.

It offers high priority computing; meaning that results can be provided in merely a day.

HPC solutions vary based on your needs. Our HPC engineers will advise you to choose the optimal solutions for your business.


eXact Lab

eXact lab spins off from the academic research environment at SISSA and CNR/IOM Democritos Simulation Center. The eXact lab team collects more than 30 years of research experience in the High Performance Computing area and maintains contacts and collaborations with national and international research institutions.



Info.era is a software house. They offer to the customer a lot of services based of Cloud. They have also a strong partnership with Spin for everything about infrastructure e internet web services.



Sontius is a data centre specialist from Slovenia which offers flexible, scalable and secure colocation and managed hosting services as well as cloud infrastructure solutions.



Spin conceives High Performance Computing diffusion in the area as a means for leveraging network infrastructure and so enabling broadband communication to grow faster, in particular relation to Slovenian-Italian Internet interconnectivity.



Every citizen, regardless on where he lives, should have equal possibilities, not only on paper, but also in facts. This is true also for broadband fiber connectivity.



XLAB Research is recognized as one of the strongest computer science research teams outside the academic world in Slovenia. XLAB Research employs 30 people, where 4 have a PhD in Computer Science, 5 have Master's degrees and 8 are post-graduate students. Altogether the whole company’s team consists of 50+ experts in the field of computer science, electronics and mathematics.